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Abraham Anjarkouchian
Analysis of the architecture of the mylohyoid muscle

John Khoushoo
Architecture of the anterolateral and posteromedial bundles of the posterior cruciate ligament

Yolanda Scoleri
Architectural partioning of gluteus medius: An in situ 3D computer modelling study




Tanz Zhao
Muscle architecture of subscapularis: is there evidence for muscular partitioning?

Xiao Wang
Architecture of the anterior cruciate ligament as related to double-stranded repair.

Forrest Kip Sawyer
Architecture of the suprahyoid muscles: implications for swallowing disorders.




Valera Castanov
Muscle bundle architecture of the great toe muscles of the foot: a 3D modeling study.

Ryan Sciacchitano
Neuromuscular partitioning of the supraspinatus muscle: a 3D modeling study.

Dominic Ko
Neuromuscular partitioning of the infraspinatus muscle: a 3D modeling study.

Sameet Arfeen
A three dimensional anatomical modeling study of the musculotendinous architecture of the infraspinatus muscle.

Amanda Tully
Does PRP and/or Tramueel S reduce atrophy in tenotomized rat muscle?

Ali Mahdi
Anatomical analysis of the architecture of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the tongue.




Shannon Roberts
Variations in sacral nerve root anatomy and their relationship to piriformis: a 3D modelling study.

Qazi Zain Sohail
A Three-Dimensional modelling study of the muscle fibre parameters of the vastus medialis: Are there significant differences in the architectural parameters of the vastus medialis obliquus and the vastus medialis longus?

Lu Zheng
A 3D modelling study of the musculotendinous architecture of the distal biceps brachii in humans.




Min Jin Kim
Architecture of piriformis muscle: Could it be a factor in piriformis syndrome?

Helen Lui
Post Calcaneal Tenotomy in a Rat Model: Effect of Traumeel on Growth Factor (TGF-Beta) Concentration in Gastrocnemius

Jae Soo Park

The effect of post-calcaneal tenotomy on percent collagen area within the musculotendinous unit: Do TraumeelS injections make a difference?

James Li

Development of an architecturally comprehensive 3-D computer model of forearm flexors and extensors from a single cadaveric specimen.





Jane Merg
Innervation of the human Vastus Medialis and the possible role of the Fascia Lata in VM partitioning.

Siavash Bolourani
Exploring the variation between the left and right iliac vessels: implication for renal transplantation.

Lisa Pain
Abnormal Neuro-Coupling Between the Trunk, Humerus, and Elbow in Post-Stroke Reach: Evaluation of Trunk Restraint as a Treatment Option.




Melanie Guadette
Innervation of the Vastus Medialis: Does the Vastus Medialis Obliquus Exist?

Nisha Ravichandiran
Relation of Radial Nerve Distribution to Muscle Architecture in Extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis




Nicodemus Oey
Architectural Changes in Duchenne Muscular Dystophy

James Jung
Muscle Architecture of the Vastus Medialis Muscle

Peter Altosaar
Evaluation of the “Helping Hand”

Al Thai
Architecture of Popliteus Muscle




Nick Hoang
Architecture of Supraspinatus Muscle

Richard Gill
Architecture of Infraspinatus and teres Minor

Aurelia Valiulis
Architecture of Subscapularis

Sam Bae
Teaching evaluation of Orbitozygomtic Video

Mayoorendra Ravichandiran
Computer Modelling of Muscle Contraction




Brian Wong
Tendon Architecture of Pectoralis Major: Surgical Implications

Lilia Fung
Fiber Bundle Architecture of Pectoralis Major




Shazeen Suleman
Capsular Attachment of Brachialis and Triceps Brachii

Thomas Wong
Differences in Muscle Architecture of Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis and Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus

Kajeandra Ravichandiran
Search for a Better Method for Calculating Muscle Contractile Forces




Fateme Salehi
Proximal Attachment of Adductor Muscles to Pubic Symphysis

Rokhsana Khanom
3D Muscle Architecture of the Human Forearm Flexor Muscles

Zenon Harley
3D Anatomy for Maya™




Gina Turbiani
Innervation of the Medial and Lateral Heads of Gastrocnemius




Christopher Yuen
Muscle Architecture in Children With Spastic Diplegia: Pilot Study

Efren Wu
3D Muscle Architecture Modeling of the Human Leg: Deep Muscles of the Posterior Compartment




Eldon Lo
Innervation of Soleus: a 3D Modelling Study

David Babik
Muscle Architecture of the Human Gastrocnemius




Monika Knutel
Architectural differences between the Medial and Lateral Heads of Gastrocnemius




Cesar Hincapie
The Pressure-Volume Relationship in the Anterior Compartment of the Human Leg: A Pilot Study




Monika Medri
Human Soleus and Gastrocnemius Muscle Architecture: Age Related Variability

Rosalind Chow
Human Soleus and Gastrocnemius Muscle Architecture: Gender Variability




Bill Ristevski
Development of a Technique to Model Human Muscle Architecture




Dean Cantin
Rotator Interval: An Anatomical Study




Laurie Bickerton
Flexor Digitorum Superficialis: Locations of Individual Muscle Bellies for Botulinum Toxin Injections




Rick Jemmett
The Structure and Function of Iliacus; it’s Origins, Insertions and Functional Regions




Markus Bischoff
The Articular Disc of the Distal Radioulnar Joint: Detailed Anatomy And Magnetic Resonance Evaluation

Georgina Mellas
The Anconeus Muscle Compartment




Michael de Angelis
The Role of Motor Programs in Multijoint Upper Limb Reaching Tasks




Barb Milligan
Isokinetic Testing of Internal and External Rotation of Shoulder

Sylvia Davidson
Low Back Pain - Anatomy of Musculature and Some Clinical Implications




Dan Uy
Blood Supply of the Shoulder Joint

Tim Rindlisbacher
A Description of Ballistic Reaching Tasks Using Deltoid and Supraspinatus EMG and 3-Dimensional Kinematics




Lindsay Melcher
Regenerative Ability of Kitten Medical Gastrocnemius Motoneurons Following Nerve Crush Injury




Cynthia Cole
The Mechanism of Pain Modulation Using PosteroanteriorMobilizations to the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spines




Robert Connelly
Innervation of the Rotator Cuff




Darlene Dredhart
Osteology of the Back




Kevin Cuddy
Clinical Anatomy of the Vertebral Column






Florence Wu
Three-Dimensional Modelling of Aponeuroses in situ






Mayoorendra Ravichandiran
Use of Motion Capture Technology to Quantify normal and abnormal Hand Movement. Independent Research BGYDO1Y3 Scarborough College, University of Toronto.

Nick Hoang
The 3D Musculotendionous Architecture of the Human Subscapularis Muscle. Independent Research BGYDO1Y3 Scarborough College, University of Toronto.




Shazeen Suleman
Innervation of the Articular Muscle of the Elbow. Trinity College Research Project TRN400H1S, University of Toronto




Kajeandra Ravichandiran
A Computerized 3D Study to Estimate the Contractile Forces of Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus and Brevis by Using the Physiological Cross Sectional Area. Independent Research BGYDO1Y3 Scarborough College, University of Toronto.